Craig County Public Library

Craig County Resource Center

We are bursting at the seams! Our 800 square foot library can no longer fit all the requests that walk through our doors. We have a strong mission, defined by our users, but not enough space to fulfill it.

A plan of action is in the works. A Comprehensive Plan was completed in January 2018 after public meetings, in-put from stakeholders, fact-finding field trips, space-needs defined, funding sources identified and business plan were all developed. As we pursued more grants, we further refined the initial Comprehensive Plan, identifying more partners for services and resources, engaging more stakeholders into the conversation, and fine tuning what was the strongest fit for our community.

Presently we are applying for funds through Department of Housing and Community Development: Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) Grant and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). Craig County will be the owner of the building, hire a full-time Economic Director, and continue to support library staffing.

The Shared Kitchen Committee of the proposed Craig County Public Library Resource Center will be meeting to tour two shared-use commercial kitchens in Roanoke. Insights gained from the tours will inform early stages of planning for the Resource Center’s shared Community Kitchen. Cheryl Cobbs, Director of Feeding America Southwest Virginia’s Community Solutions Center, will lead a tour of their commercial production and training kitchen, which is used to host culinary job training courses and prepare meals for the food bank’s children’s food truck, and talk about the partnerships and programs that have made this facility an asset to the NW Roanoke community. Ned Savage, Kitchen Manager and Community Engagement Specialist with Local Environmental Agriculture Project (LEAP), will give a guided tour of the LEAP Kitchen, a shared commercial kitchen and food business incubator, which supports 35+ diverse food businesses as well as educational and community programming. For more information, contact Ned Savage, 540-520-4154 or (Has been rescheduled. Date to come!)

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