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2021 Membership Drive

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June is our annual Friends of the Library Membership Drive! Friends of the Library are people who join in supporting and promoting the library.  This support takes many forms: volunteering regularly, advocating on behalf of the library, and, of course, donating time and money to help the library achieve its goals.

The library is very dependent on the financial support of our community and friends.  We hope you’ll consider joining us—we need your expertise and energy!

There are a few tiers of membership:
Youth—$1.00 (up to 18)

Please join us by using this Friends of the Library membership form.  You can mail it to us, drop it in the book return box after hours, or stop in the library–we’d love to see you!

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Staff and Volunteer Celebration

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This year’s Library Annual Meeting on May 10th at 6:00 is going to be an outdoor party, at the library back porch. We are giving our hard working staff and volunteers a big thanks for all they do to keep our Craig County Library thriving.  Letha Persinger, the Library Director, works with her staff, Alex White and Jessica Hunt, to provide for the changing needs of our patrons.  As part-time staff, volunteers are critical for the ongoing operations. Aside from the members of the board, there are nine devoted volunteers who help fill in needed gaps. The nine are Linda Calderon, Marge Lewter, Martha Dillard, Kathi Toelke, Lee Greiser, Martha Adams, Anita Martindale, Tom Spence and Gavin Shires. Their time is committed to financial record keeping, mowing the lawn, keeping the county informed, manning the front desk, book donation management, thanking our donors, and raising funds through Barn Quilts for Books.  Each one’s hours of commitment to the library adds up to keeping us moving forward to better serving our community.

The small library, sitting quietly on the corner of Salem and Main, may not appear to be a hot bed of activity.  The trickle of people in and out is not remarkable. Neither are the one or two cars in the lot tapping the wifi at all hours. We don’t see the patrons take home the telescope or wifi hotspots in addition to books and movies. But the records show that there are 2,016 cardholding citizens in Craig County. That is 39% of our county. They obviously value that small library on the corner and continue coming back. They like all of us, have this small staff and handful of volunteers to thank for keeping the doors open at the corner of Salem and Main.

If you are a member of the Friends of the Library, come join the party! There will be refreshments and laughs guaranteed. If rain moves in, catch us on zoom – check back here or on our Facebook page.

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Is This the Time to Get Your GED?

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Did you or someone you know miss out on a high school diploma? Has this affected your job opportunities? Maybe now is a good time to change that. Invest this down time to be better prepared to get back into the job market. Securing a GED (General Educational Development) is work that will pay off. It is equivalent to that high school diploma you didn’t get.
You can register for free classes at Craig County Public Schools. Currently classes are meeting on Monday and Thursday nights from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. via Zoom, virtual computer meetings. Contact Cynthia Swiney at 540-864-5185. You can leave your name and phone number or email her at and she will help you get registered or answer questions you may have about achieving your GED goal.
The test is given online. It is made up of four parts: Math, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts. You take them one at a time. If you do not pass, you can retake each section as needed. The full test is $120 or $30 for each part.
On average, people study three months in advance to improve their chances of earning their GED. Three months is a small investment for a diploma that will impact your future potential. There are resources to help you reach this goal.
Study material is available, study guides and practice tests. You can check out the 2021 study guide and practice tests at the Craig County Public Library. There are online classes available, some for fees and others free. Look into for free resources or contact Cynthia Swiney or the regional GED site in Roanoke (540) 767-6161 for more information.
Your library can give you computer access to explore options, participate in Zoom Meetings, or check out a Hot Spot for WIFI access at home.
The benefits of having a GED are huge. Holding a GED means that you increase your earning potential or further your education for career growth. It also means that employers will no longer pass you over as a job candidate just because you did not graduate from high school.
The majority of the people who did not graduate from high school do not lack intelligence. They simply encountered difficulties in high school. Now is the time that you get the second chance you deserve. You can do this.
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